Distribution Services

The Casemate Group prides itself on its friendly, professional service, endeavouring to make the process of distributing and selling books a straightforward, successful and enjoyable one. Casemate Art's distribution service is designed for public and private museums, public, independent and commercial art galleries, university and academic presses, arts organisations and independent art publishers to get their books out to the international book trade. The Casemate Art distribution service is suitable for publishers producing as few as just four titles per year, with no maximum limit. Whilst the majority of Casemate's clients are based in the UK, EU and USA, Casemate Art represents clients and welcomes new applications from other territories too.

The process:

Once a publisher has provided Casemate Art with the bibliographic information for a book this data is disseminated to the book trade and listed on Casemate's own trade websites. The information is included in Casemate's sales materials and presented by sales representatives on their tours. For each new title, the publisher consigns a proportion of their print run for distribution in specific territories or worldwide initial consignments can be as low as 150 copies per title. Once a quantity has been agreed with Casemate the publisher sends their consignment to Casemate's warehouse facilities in the UK and US.

Casemate Art takes care of most things from here: orders from wholesalers, retailers, libraries, and directly from customers; picking books by warehouse teams; arranging onward transport to retailers' and wholesalers' warehouses; packing orders and posting them out; tracking sales and returns; receiving and processing payments; sending out an agreed quantity of review copies; and working to promote the title throughout the publishing industry and book trade. Each month publishers receive a statement of sales figures and royalties due, and payment.

Sales Representation

Casemate Art offers UK Sales Representation as a standalone service with a dedicated team of in-house representatives.

The Casemate team and partners work to sell titles to, and solicit orders from, bookshops, online retailers and wholesalers, from major high street retailers through to specialist bookstores and museum and gallery bookshops. Covering the specialist, academic and trade markets the Casemate Art sales team have many years of experience selling art books. The in house sales team attend international book fairs and trade shows, and have over 1,500 regular accounts with bookshops, online retailers, wholesalers, and library suppliers.